Helping our client's transformation by find the right mix of systems to drive their business with merchandising, inventory management and operational efficiency (MIOE).

capability Maturity assessment

We provide a wide range of consulting services designed to benchmark your business operations to an industry maturity curve, set a business plan for improvement and then track your progress compared to other companies in your retail segment.

knowing the right balance of innovation and operational excellence with vision into the future is challenging!

IT and business Strategy

With the continual emergence of new technologies, aligning your company's business transformation and IT strategies can be challenging.  We can guide you through the maze and help you select and deliver a cohesive system to drive your business goals.


Allow our consultants to assist with your business transformation.  We are highly skilled in process mapping, business process improvement, optimization, reengineering and creation of the internal processes to drive continuous improvement within your organization.

Our network of retail experts with strong partner relationships provides our clients with

the winning combination.



Implementation is a collaborative process, with the final ownership in your hands.  Our proven implementation  methods are designed to deliver on-time and on budget.  Our approach is configured specifically to your company's own unique project culture and results in high user acceptance.